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Industrial scaffolding QS is a innovative, easy to use and cheap ring lock scaffolding. It is suited to be used especially in industrial sites, in order to maintain machinery and pipes, and around historical, artistic and relevant buildings, for maintaining and restoration. Click here to know more about this topic.

Scaffolding items inside a container We usually ship containers till the harbour closest to the place of use. Afterwards the dealer does the rest.
If required, we can be involved in order to find the proper technical solution.

Civil scaffolding Our prices are really competitive. Please contact us and ask for prices in your country. We will be glad to answer you.
We aim to spread our scaffolding all over the world. If you are interested in our products please contact us in order to know where QS scaffolding can be found in your country.
Instead, if you would like to collaborate with us and become a dealer or an occasional intermediary, please visit this page.

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