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traditional scaffolding system There are many types of scaffolding spread all over the world. The metallic ones are all originated from the 1.5 inch pipes, joined together with various type of couplers.

The always increasing cost of labour compels scaffolding companies to find cheaper systems in order to speed up assembling operations. Also customers often need to compress assembling time, especially when the scaffold needs assembling during an industrial plant stop.

frame scaffolding system The first step of evolution is represented by frame scaffolding. This is probably the fastest way to assemble facade type scaffolding but tiny versatility is his biggest limit.
The huge effort, due to fit frame system for other uses, nullifies his previous advantage.

cuplock scaffolding system A way to fill volumes in all three directions is by using cuplock scaffolding. This is a very fast system but it suffers interruptions and geometry changes. So it is particulary suited to be used in shoring bridges and overpasses during construction.

ring lock scaffolding system Ring lock scaffolding is the syntesis of versatility, speed and security. QS system belongs to this group and his advantage is to be more innovative and cheaper if compared with other similar scaffoldings. Click here to read more about innovations.
QS ring lock system best use is in industrial sites, in order to maintain machinery and pipes, and around historical, artistic and relevant buildings, for maintaining and restoration.

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